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Organic Cranberry Juice Concentrate

Organic cranberries grow in marshes. When the berries are ripe and ready to pick, they float in the water. Being on the water's surface exposes them to more sunlight. This may increase their nutritional value. Like most fruits, you get the highest level of nutrition when you eat organic cranberries whole. But the juice is still chock-full of benefits. Organic cranberries are water-harvested fruits. They are packed with nutrients to help your body ward off infections and boost overall health. In fact, throughout history, they've been used to treat urinary issues, upset stomachs, and liver problems.

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We are partnering with the largest organic cranberry concentrate suppliers in the USA (producers, distributors, warehouses, importers and exporters), so that we can offer you natural and USDA NOP certified organic cranberry juice concentrate with a wide range of technical specifications (clear or cloudy, aseptic or non-aseptic, frozen), and bulk packaging options (pails, drums, totes). Organic concentrated cranberry juice samples are available on request.

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5 US Gallon Pails (Buckets)
55 US Gallon Drums (Barrels)
220 US Gallon Totes (IBCs)
Tanker Trucks (Food Tankers)

We'd be glad to hear about your requirements in order to find out a custom and cost-efficient solution.

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Is this all?
Of course not! We do carry organic and regular concentrated juices (clear and cloudy), Juices Not-From-Concentrate (NFC), Purée and Purée Concentrates, Essences, Powders, Frozen (IQF) and Dried (Dehydrated) processed ingredients covering 60+ different fruits and veggies.

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