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Organic Mulberry Juice Concentrate

The red or American mulberry is native to eastern United States from Massachusetts to Kansas and down to the Gulf coast. The organic black mulberry is native to western Asia and has been grown for its fruits in Europe since before Roman times. All three organic mulberry species are deciduous trees of varying sizes. Organic white mulberries can grow to 80 ft. and are the most variable in form, including drooping and pyramidal shapes. In the South on rich soils the organic red mulberry can reach 70 ft. in height. The organic black mulberry is the smallest of the three, sometimes growing to 30 ft. in height, but it tends to be a bush if not trained when it is young. A stately tree with heart-shaped leaves and delicious, slightly acidic raspberry-like fruit in late summer. The organic black mulberry is a long lived tree and is perfect for growing as a specimen as it has a more attractive shape than the white mulberry, with low gnarled branches.

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We are partnering with the largest organic mulberry concentrate suppliers in the USA (producers, distributors, warehouses, importers and exporters), so that we can offer you natural and USDA NOP certified organic mulberry juice concentrate with a wide range of technical specifications (clear or cloudy, aseptic or non-aseptic, frozen), and bulk packaging options (pails, drums, totes). Organic concentrated mulberry juice samples are available on request.

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5 US Gallon Pails (Buckets)
55 US Gallon Drums (Barrels)
220 US Gallon Totes (IBCs)
Tanker Trucks (Food Tankers)

We'd be glad to hear about your requirements in order to find out a custom and cost-efficient solution.

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Of course not! We do carry organic and regular concentrated juices (clear and cloudy), Juices Not-From-Concentrate (NFC), Purée and Purée Concentrates, Essences, Powders, Frozen (IQF) and Dried (Dehydrated) processed ingredients covering 60+ different fruits and veggies.

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